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Rosso D.O.C. Sicilia


Tasting notes

The Sicilian sun warms and matures these grapes with their extraordinary character. With slow rhythms and just a few gestures these gifts of nature are transformed into an intense, aromatic and soft ruby red nectar, enclosed in a jewel of a bottle. An organic wine that's out of the ordinary. 

Grape variety

85% Syrah, 15% Cabernet Franc


deep ruby red with light garnet hues.


elegantly fruity of cherry and plum, small spirited red fruits, light presence of vegetal tones of Mediterranean zones, myrtle and juniper berries. Hints of pepper and bent nuances. The toasted notes of sweet spices, cocoa, tobacco, mint and graphite are well present.


mouth of great thickness, soft and at the same time pleasantly fresh. Good tannins in balance with a discreet flavour. Mineral finish and refreshed by balsamic sensations.

Alcohol content

15% vol.

Optimal serving temperature


Storage and ageing

we recommend storing it in a dry cool place at a temperature of 10-12°C. A wine that lasts a long time, the Romans used to age it even over 100 years, timeless.

Wine Technical Sheet (pdf)
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the perfect match is an elaborate, spicy and wild meat, as was used in Roman bacchanals. A compless wine, it is also recommended alone, in meditation with the company of a breeze.

in 75 cl. customized bottles, boxes of 6.

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