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For three generations the Tombacco Family has been producing and bottling Italian wines with genuine and intense flavours, in the best wine-making tradition of our country. We work to create different types of products, to satisfy an Italian and foreign market that is both demanding and capable of choosing quality wines at competitive prices. 40% of our production gives rise to around 10 million bottles a year, while the remaining 60% is sold in barrels.

Our winery work has two important aspects: on the one hand it is strictly linked to tradition and the whole production system is managed as it once was. This is why we have chosen to remain a small company, with 30 skilled employees who love what they do, and to focus on quality and attention to detail.

On the other hand, we are continuously evolving, driven by a constant improvement in quality and technique. Product certifications, completely organic vines, attention to sustainability and energy saving are the main aspects that drive our business.

Every day we put heart and soul into increasing the value and quality of our wines, so that our customers can savor the best of our tradition. Aromas, sensations, flavours that arise from the essence of our own grapes and from the scrupulous selection of older vines rediscovered throughout the regions of Italy.

This is our mission: to bring back to light the culture and tradition of good Italian wines. For this reason our logo, symbol of the depth of our identity, shows the date 1919, because today as then, the tradition, the values of knowledge and love of simple things allow us to produce quality Italian wines. For 100 years our history has lived on in what we do, so we have decided to tell other stories that speak of yesterday but transmit values, sensations and fascinating images, like beautiful postcards to admire and read in order to help build a richer and more aware tomorrow.

We are, first of all, a farm. We carefully choose the soil on which to cultivate our grapes, the pure waters with which to wet their roots and the most natural ways possible to make them grow healthy, fragrant and sweet. For this reason we commit ourselves every day to respecting our land, saving precious resources like water, thanks to intelligent irrigation systems, using solar energy with photovoltaic panels installed on all our processing plants and solar panels to heat the water of the production processes, reducing our impact on the environment thanks to efficient sewage treatment.