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The Estates

Over the years we have carefully selected the territories on which to grow our vines, knowing how to take advantage of the characteristics of each estate and choose places and times to collect fruits with organoleptic characteristics that are exceptional.

Our cultivation method comes from long ago, from a tradition that is simple and genuine. Even today, Giuliano Tombacco, administrator and head of the company, walks through the vines and makes his presence felt with the care and love that a father reserves for his children. To protect and make the fruits of our land blossom we have chosen an approach that makes their naturalness their strong point: all our vines are cultivated with a 100% organic method. In this way we can guarantee a product of naturally good quality, while respecting the environment in which we live.

The Tombacco family estates are located in the heart of the Veneto region: Trebaseleghe Vineyards, 20 hectares of silty soil and a humid climate. The resulting wines are round with low levels of acidity. Roncade Vineyards, 40 hectares of clayey soil, fertile and rich in mineral salts. Ideal for full-bodied wines, with a guaranteed intensity to the flavours of the grapes. Paese Vineyards, 20 hectares of stony soil, with positive effects on the alcohol content of the resulting wine.

The other vineyards
We work every day to produce and shed light on the tradition of good Italian wine, and this is why with care, sensitivity and passion we seek the best agricultural companies in all of Italy. We choose noble vines that have their roots in the most illustrious wine tradition and we collaborate with partners who can guarantee they use our own cultivation methods, with the same passion for the land and for good wine. We are sure, therefore, to get the best grapes and produce quality wines.