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Fiera Antiquaria in Arezzo

The Arezzo Antique Fair is the largest and oldest in Italy: it has hosted numerous, carefully selected exhibitors since 1968. The richness of the antiquities and rarities present, the variety of exhibitors and the evocative path that winds from the central Piazza Grande along the squares and streets of the historic centre, have made it famous all over Italy, in Europe and in the world, transforming it into a much sought after destination even for non antique lovers.

What will you find at Fiera Antiquaria in Arezzo?
Furniture, furnishing accessories, objects, toys, watches, books and prints, vinyls, bijioux, lace and linen, coins, stamps, postcards and any other collectables you can think of. The vastness of the fair satisfies passion and curiosity of all kinds. Furthermore, in the 2-3 February edition, there will be a special selection dedicated to fashion. The Fraternity of the Laity will host around twenty exhibitors in its splendid rooms showing retro and vintage fashion, creating not only a sales opportunity, but a real history lesson with live fashion. The event is organized by the Arezzo Fashion Consortium in collaboration with the Municipality of Arezzo and the Antiques Fair, to celebrate the 50th year of the Fair.

Who is it for?
For lovers of antiques and the vintage world and for all lovers of fashion, in all its styles and forms. The extraordinary location of the Fair also offers an unmissable chance to visit and enjoy the beautiful sights of Arezzo.

In Arezzo
Piazza Grande

Every first sunday of the month plus the preceding Saturday
All day

Entrance is free

Info and contacts:
http://www.fieraantiquaria.org/contatti/ (info and park)
http://www.fieraantiquaria.org/mappa-della-fiera/ (map)


For the section moda Arezzo Selezione Vintage:

Information and contacts

Arezzo - Piazza Grande

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