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Fiera dell’antiquariato, del vintage e cose d’altri tempi

Every Tuesday,, in the splendid location of Piazza Ghiaia in the heart of Parma, exhibitors from all over Italy will fascinate you with a selection of rare and unique objects, housed under a structure completely covered by glass.

What will you find at the Fiera dell’antiquariato, del vintage e cose d’altri tempi?
Antique and modern furniture and furnishings, collectors' antiques and vintage items (from jewelry to watches, from toys to vinyls, but also perfumes, gifts and home accessories), vintage clothing and very creative craftspeople who know how to produce unique items and clothes. The 60 exhibitors on show every Tuesday will transport you to rediscover the charm of the past. The scrupulous attention in the selection of the participants and the original and practical location make this Fair a unique opportunity of its kind, in any weather.

Who is it for? 
An exhibition-market for vintage and antique lovers who want to immerse themselves in the charm of things of the past combined with a visit to a city rich in art and history like Parma.

In Parma
Piazza Ghiaia,
From 9:00 to 19:00

Entrance is free

Info and contacts:

Information and contacts
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