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Mercanteinfiera di Parma, Primavera

A truly unique exhibition of its king: up to 1,000 exhibitors from all over Italy and the world will leave fans and onlookers stunned with their unique modern and antiques pieces, as well as with a rich selection of collectibles of all kinds. Mercanteinfiera di Parma is Europe's largest market exhibition and with its two annual editions, in autumn and spring, it manages to involve over 50,000 visitors, who nourish their passion for beauty and for the curiosities of times past.

What will you find at Mercanteinfiera?
In addition to a rich and high quality display of furniture, furnishings, works of art, modern art, jewelery, prints and books, records and toys, you will find interesting and curious collateral exhibitions. In this edition, the exhibition “Storie della città di luna. Fragments of life in the shadow of Rome ”will bring to Parma archaeological finds from the National Archaeological Museum of Luni, an ancient Ligurian city of Roman origin. The second collateral exhibition of the 2019 spring edition, on the other hand, will immerse you in the magical world of old-fashioned toys: "Let's play: how we played" a fascinating collection of unique objects, games and toys by collector Gianni Marangoni really not to be missed.

Who is it for?
For those who have a preference for objects of art and vintage objects of value. Indespensible for fans of toys, new and old, and for those who are always conscious of their inner child.

At the Fiere di Parma,
Viale delle Esposizioni 393 A
From 10:00 to 19:00, from 2 to 10 March 2019

Entrance fee 10€
Check our website for reductions and availability.

Info and contacts:

Information and contacts

Parma - Viale delle Esposizioni 393 A

0521 9961 @Mercanteinfiera
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