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The Carpenter

It was Alessio, back in 1882, who began this long adventure, more than a job, an approach to life, a way to relate to the territory and society.

"My great-great-grandfather Alessio started with carts, barrels, rakes, simple objects for farm workers and villagers, always adapting to the needs of the people". Alessandro tells us of a true passing on of the baton, from generation to generation: “In these photos we see Alessio. From the way he was dressed it's clear he was a bit of a local character. And an odd thing: he wore an earring, which was unusual for the time and inferred a certain prestige. Then there was Luigi, his son and my grandfather Giovanni, a wonderful person, very well liked in the town. He was called "iachetina" (little jacket) because he always wore a jacket. Then the business passed to my father Franco, also a good carpenter and musician, he played the saxophone. He was a double maestro: carpenter and musician"!

The work of carpenter has changed over time and has evolved thanks to the advent of machinery that deals with part of the work. But the passion has remained, as the care in refining the furniture that Alessandro builds remains: “we make everything to measure, we are very attentive to details, to the needs and tastes of the customer. We want our furniture to become part of people's lives, of the family in which it fits. I like to define our job not only as carpenters but as tailors who "tailor" furniture to the customer".

The trade of Alessandro and his family is an ancient one, and objects that decorate the current headquarters of the company tell stories of times past: “I still have some tools of the past, like planes, that were used to smooth and bend the staves of barrels. My great-grandfather and my grandfather used them. And they were all built by them, for special work. Even this beam is a legacy of the past, it must be at least 100 years old! It is a beam from the building in which my family lived and worked”.

Alessandro works mainly with European timber, with some exotic exceptions, always looking for the best quality from suppliers, to ensure an excellent product for his customers: furniture that is built to last, as it once was. Here is the secret of a 140-year-long vocation, to produce useful objects, well made and that are part of people's lives. "Mine has always been a very humble family, even having made a fortune since the early twentieth century. My ancestors have always tried to play an active role in the local community, always trying to be useful and to lend a hand, where possible. This way of being has enriched us a lot on a human level and it is an aspect of which I am very proud and I try to carry it on in my own business, with my employees and collaborators".

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