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The Vintage Car Collector

For 20 years he has been collecting works of art, of design and ‘made in Italy’: “At first I collected American cars too, but then I became fascinated by the world renowned, unmistakable style of Italian cars".

And among all Italian cars there is a brand that more than others has captured the heart of Federico: Alfa Romeo. From the imprinting of Enzo Ferrari, Alfa Romeo has remained a synonym for research, technology and the development of powerful, innovative and aesthetically fascinating cars.

The joy and pride with which Pegorin recounts his enviable collection makes us understand the visceral love that binds him to his jewels: "This Giulietta SZ is very rare, the Zagato wagons have won many races while the Touring models are very elegant and refined". 

Every car has a story to tell but it's the history that interests Federico the most. "Collecting, which I hope will spread more and more in Italy, has a deep meaning, it means keeping alive a piece of Italian history. The history of cars is even more important because it tells not only the importance of Italian design, but also of its influences all over the world". Vintage furnishings and objects contribute to enrich the Pegorin collection. 

Thanks to Federico, live a new youth play new roles and take part in new adventures. "I use them every day, like normal cars, but when if bad weather or especially hail is threatening, obviously I'll leave them well sheltered". But it is the extraordinary adventures that make us understand the beauty and richness of a decades-long tradition: "I've also taken part in historic races, such as the Vernasca, in which my Giulietta SZ was driven by Arturo Merzario, the great Italian driver. It was an honour and a pleasure to share this experience with him".

The passion, then, turns into love and life when it is shared with friends, and it's how Federico discovered the beauty of collecting when he was still very young, and with his family "Like the time when I travelled 800km in Japan with my family. There were 5 of us in a Fiat 1500 Touring 30s model and we also won a prize! An incredible and unforgettable adventure"! 

You don't see a collection like Federico's every day, it takes years of research and study to amass such a rich collection of completely original cars. In addition to the mechanics, which in the case of Alfa Romeo are often original thanks to the particularly resistant components, the very rare Pegorin cars even have their original plates! Who knows what jewel will be the next to be part of this extraordinary family.

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