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From the inner hills of Molise to the Adriatic coast there is a territory that has a strong bond with the sea. Limestone rocks, sands and fossil marine sediments transform this land into a precious treasue chest that farmers have known for centuries how to cultivate for flavourful and fragrant grapes. The Biferno, the result of the blend of Montepulciano and Aglianico grapes, takes its name from the watercourse that crosses the region: like the river, this bold red holds all the nuances that the vines absorb, mixing in a balanced way hints of the river and the sea. The origins of this wine seem to come from the Middle Ages, when the peasant tradition fed the feudal system and made it flourish. Only in the middle of the 19th century the cultivation techniques and the production methods of the Biferno were codified and promoted, used as a tool to re-evaluate the territory and the agricultural culture of Molise.

Today we too have decided to believe in this wine, the symbol of a region and of winemaking traditions of the past. We have chosen to acclaim a wine that absorbs aromas and sensations from the earth, rests for at least 3 years and then reveals all its flavour.

Like a ritual of water, the Biferno flows through the Molise, absorbs its aromas and flavours and then flows into the sea. The wine of the same name brings the same magic to our tables.

Discover Biferno's characteristics and combinations.

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