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The pecorino vine came from far away, from ancient, fascinating ways of life, and planted its roots in the lands of central Italy. Around 1200 the Benedictine monks of the convent of Arquata del Tronto were the first to recognise this vine as such a generous gift from the earth. A gift capable of producing a noble wine, suitable for solemn occasions and for social occasions. A wine with a sparkling, almost piquant nature, similar to the sensations arising from another important product of the Marche and Abruzzi lands: pecorino cheese. This is how Pecorino wine enters into the list of the wonders of culture and tradition, and spreads throughout the territory that from the slopes of the Apennines reaches the almost flat areas of Abruzzo, in the lands of Chieti. This wine embarks on a journey together with the cheese, its namesake, ready to amaze palates, to give the freshness and the pleasant spiciness that only a wine so rich in history (and taste) can give.

All traces of this wine were lost in the 19th century, and only in the 1980s did the pecorino vines take a new breath and demonstrate their individuality once again.

We have chosen to believe in and to revitalize a wine that has its roots in history, and through its relationship with the earth can transform itself into a distinctive, traditional product rich in nuances.

A wine to be tasted and savoured thinking of age old memories.

Discover Pecorino's characteristics and combinations.

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