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Rosso Sicilia

A wine that breathes the scents of the land where it grows: noble, fascinating, proud and intense.

To taste it is to dive into the real Sicily. Enclosed in a jewel bottle, signed by designer Raimondo Sandri, an organic wine out of the ordinary.

A vine with international fame and a thousand names, a legend that owes its celebrity to its aromas and perfumes. Syrah, it seems, reached us from fascinating Persia in long forgotten times. It is cultivated in many regions of Italy but in rugged and sunny Sicily it finds a fertile land that renders it strong and overflowing with olfactory and gustatory nuances.

The countryside of Sambuca in Sicily and the waters of Lake Arancio in the Agrigento area have welcomed this variety of grapes in a surprising manner. Cultivated on the splendid Pepita Roccarossa Estate at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. Thanks to archaeological evidence we know that in these territories grapes were vinified already 4,000 years ago. Here nature alone produces a nectar capable of resisting over time. Vineyards surrounded by woods that protect plants from disease, in a microclimate where warm wind and cool nights allow for organic viticulture. The sun and the heat of the Sicilian land transforms the berries into sweet and aromatic fruits, with aromas of pepper and cloves.

For our Rosso Sicilia Doc we have chosen to blend the aromas of Syrah with the Cabernet Franc grape, which, with its herbaceous and unripe notes, creates a unique and irresistible blend.

Discover the nuances of its fragrance and flavour.

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