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Cristian Tombacco

"Ours is a story of three generations: my grandfather, my uncles and my father and now me too, together with him".

The union of the family and the love for traditions carried forward with pride are the aspects that emerge most from the story told by Cristian, who today, together with his father, manages the Rinomata Cantina Tombacco. "What I like about my job is that I'm able to embrace different fields: the agricultural sector, the actual production of quality wines and the commercial side that allows me to export the culture of good Italian wine and the wine tradition of our country to people around the world, with different cultures and sensibilities. And I'm happy to do all this with my father".

The rediscovery of traditions is one of the key aspects in all the work of the Rinomata Cantina Tombacco, which expresses itself clearly in the Vintage project. "What is Vintage Tombacco? An ambitious project, as demonstrated by the aesthetic choices and design, whose aim is to bring into the spotlight wines with a long tradition but little known in the market".

Cristian and his father went to find small farms and producers in some of the most evocative areas of our country, carefully choosing historic vines, with lively and unique characteristics. They chose to invest in blends of ancient origins, in warm and very characteristic wines produced with systems of times past, sometimes aged in wood, but always capable of enhancing the peculiarities of the grapes. A meticulous job that of the choice, the result of research, attention to the product, passion for Italian wine culture in the belief that it that deserves to be supported, re-evaluated and relived. Even the choice of labels and bottle design has a historical reference: "grafically we have taken the labels that my grandfather used, brushing off the logo he probably designed himself, a sort of Greek sun. The bottles look like those of 80 years ago: without a capsule and without a label on the back".

Attention to the past and to Italian know-how do not end with the choice of producing Vintage wines, which are part of a wider communication and culture project. "In the same way we look for wines that are a little hidden, wines of other times, we like to find objects, traditions, customs and stories of the past. We want to tell of Italian craftsmanship, the know-how of the past, the vintage world". The project is not just a peak into in years gone by full of charm and nostalgia, it is a desire to give back nobility and prestige to the simple things of yesterday, to a past way of life and work that also meant respect for man, for the environment and quality. "We want to tell the stories of our country, a heritage of culture and knowledge, of an Italy that knows how to creates with art and taste".

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