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Aglianico I.G.T.

del Beneventano

A deep red color with purple hues, introduces the Aglianico as a decisive wine, with a complex aroma full of notes of red fruits and spices. The taste is intense, full and enveloping, perfect to combine with rich and flavourful dishes such as roasts and aged cheeses.

Biferno D.O.C.

Rosso Riserva

The brilliance of the garnet reflections on an intense ruby red, the Biferno is a wine with a full and aromatic taste. Olfactory nuances ranging from ethereal vanilla to sharp notes of spices and cinnamon. In the mouth it is rich, velvety and harmonious, perfect for enhancing red meat dishes or traditional cheeses.

Pecorino I.G.T.

Terre di Chieti

The light shines in a bright yellow, a prelude to rich olfactory nuances with hints of exotic fruit and soft spicy notes. On the palate the Pecorino is a complex and flavourful wine, with good acidity and mineral notes, perfect to accompany fish dishes and white meats.

Salice Salentino D.O.C.

Rosso Riserva

With its intense ruby red colour, Salice Salentino displays at once its decisive, full character. Traces of red fruits enriched with nuances of spices and wood, the taste is warm and velvety, with spicy and toasted notes. An ideal companion for dinners of red and white meats, it also perfectly enhances medium-aged cheeses.

Primitivo Rosato I.G.T.


A surprising wine that blends the scents of the earth and the freshness of the sea, a blend of fragrances that reveals the liveliness of the land from which it comes.

Origine I.G.T.

Terre Siciliane

A timeless wine, unspoilt and legendary.


Rosso I.G.T. Puglia

A journey, a gesture, a run among the rows, have transformed an instant into an inspiration for the creation of a red with character, intense and lively, just like a child. Together with the caress of the red, fragrant bunches that Azzurra, a daughter who is proud and loves life, made in the lands of Puglia I.G.T. they become the symbol of this wine, one tried and tested over a long time.

Rosso D.O.C. Piceno


An original blending of grapes creates complex harmonies, the offspring of slow vinification. From the heart of the Marche region comes an organic wine, rich in nuances, which changes over time and takes on new facets every day. It matures and surprises with its aromas and its flavours.

Rosso D.O.C. Sicilia


The Sicilian sun warms and matures these grapes with their extraordinary character. With slow rhythms and just a few gestures these gifts of nature are transformed into an intense, aromatic and soft ruby red nectar, enclosed in a jewel of a bottle. An organic wine that's out of the ordinary.